Found My Why

I know people get on social medial to complain and to bash this person or that person. Other people use social media to sometimes vent (see my post yesterday). But, today, I wanted to say that even though I’m dealing with COVID and with a lot of other things in medicine, I still LOVE my job and I’m honored with people’s trust in me with their health.

Last week, from one of my pediatric patients, I received the cute Christmas gift pictured. Some people don’t know that Family Doctors see kids as patients, in addition to their parents, and their families. I was having an extraordinarily tough day last week, and this gift arrived along with a touching Christmas card.

And, at that moment, my day seemed to freeze. I was thrown back to my days of medical school when I would dream about taking care of kids and families, and occasionally receiving a pleasant surprise. And, for the rest of my day, I had this cheesy  grin on my face, and my office staff was probably thinking I finally lost my mind.

One of the phrases I’m seeing on social media these days, especially with the New Year around the corner, is “Find Your Why.” I’m lucky and fortunate enough to have found my why, and that is being a Family Medicine Physician, to take care of my patients and my community. And, even with all the headaches of my job, and the controversies associated with COVID and other topics, I still believe that I have found my calling, and I hope that you have “Found Your Why” as well. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you’re having a great day…..

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